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(before 1947 - Lyantskorun')

Translated by students of Kyiv avia institute

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After an admin. division 16 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 16 cent.
After an admin. division 19 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 19 cent.
After an admin. division 20 cent. The Chemerovetkciy district
Literature :
[Dragomiretsciy F.] Dragomiretsciy F. M.Lyantscoroun. - Troudy Podolscogo eparhialnogo istorico-statistichescogo komiteta, 1878 g., t. 2, s. 91 - 159.
The detailed church-statistical description is based on books of the visit 1748 - 1791

Church Znesinnya
Temple is founded in 1732.
Comment : A church Znesinnya was remembered in documents since 1732. The New church was built in 1738 - oak building. It was found in the center of small town. It had octahedral tops, apprehensions, doors with west-north location. A wooden bell tower was built in 1748..1759. In 1759 school worked in a church. In 1748 - 1791 three fraternities are remembered.
A new stone church , having one floor, was built together with a bell tower in 1845 - 1863 in a new place near Zabolotivka. It had one large and three small domes, covered by iron. A stone bell tower was built in 1870.

Rizdvo-Bogorodyts'ka Church
Church was founded in 1738
Church vanished in 19 cen.
Comment: Rizdvo-Bogorodyts'ka Church was near Zabolotivca (western end of small town). It s built in 1738 - oak building, tops were square. The oak chopped bell tower was built in 1748..1759. Fraternity in this church ratified in 1748 [������������� �. �������� ����������. - ������, 1879 �., �. 2]. It finished existence somewhere in the 19 cent.


Zarichanka (Lyantskorun, Lyantskorona, before Hodikivtsi) - village on the banks of the rivers Gvanchik and Letavki near a road to Kam'yanets-Podilskiy. The name Lyantskorun appeared in the first half of XVIIIcentury, when owners of a village were Lyantskoronsky, which obtained a right for a small town to make fairs there. In 1765 Kamyanetsky bourgeois stung to the chancellor Zamoysky, that opening fairs in small town could bring the losses of trade of city Kamyanets. Earlier till XV�II century in Lyantskorunya village Hodikivtsy was, the name of which meets in a tariff in 1493. In XVI century Hodikivtsy belonged to Karabchovsky. In the tax lists we find two settlements in Hodikivtsy. Thus one of them was "new founded" in 1569. In 1583 one of them was named Nijni Hodikivtsy, and second -Verchni.At the beginning of XVIII century Hodikivtsy on Gvantsy was passed as the gift passed to Lyantskoronsky and are renamed in Lyantskorun. With transformation of this settlement in a small town many Jewries settled here: in 1765 there were 609 persons. In 1775 the number of Jewries decreased to 254 men as a result of pestilence (1770-1771).In Lyantskorun the first case of collision between Jewries Talmudists with Jewries-sectatants happened in 1775 during time of the fair, talmudists knew about meeting of of francists and reported economic power and francists were arrested together with their leader by Franco.In 1780 Lyantskorun belonged to Franc Lyantskoronsky. In 1818 three proprietors owned a small town: Vitvitsky (287 peasants of both sexes), Martin Glinka (6 peasants), Ann Gutshenreisher (11 peasants). Soon a Vitvitsky son selled the part Roztsishevsky, building was passed to Gumotinsky. In 1888 there were 2310 habitants, in that number of Jewries 1114, courts 450, from them 238 were own and 22 belonged to power, brewery, water-mill, 34smalll , 31 artisan in a town. Fairs were organized weekly on Sundays and Thursdays. There was also a class apartment, management, post-house and pharmacy. Later owners were: I. Bazjuk - 637 desyatinas, E. Dvernitsky - 26 desyatinas, peasants - 710 desyatinas, church - 71 desyatinas, courts - 455, habitants - 2356. From in 1884 there was school. In 1908-1909 years 90 children studied. From them the girlies - 28. In the same year school age children were 278. 20 children refused on different purposes.

�. Kundys,
director of the rayon folk historical regional museum

In history chronicles Lyantskorun (now Zarichanka) is remembered first time in 1493 year. Till XVIII century it was named Hodakivtsy. At the beginning of XVIII century it was passed to the dowry of grandee Francis Lyantskorunsky. It had the title of small town. In XVIII century there were two churches.Near a village the settlements of neolith period and a few settlements of chernyachivska culturewere found.Secondary school, hospital, pharmacy, market, regional museum work in a modernvillage.

Y. Sorochan
"���� �����" # 39, 42, 44, 46
May - june 1996.