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Kormilche village

Translated by students of Kyiv avia institute

After an admin.division 16 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 16 cent.
After an admin. division 19 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 19 cent.
After an admin. division 20 cent. The Chemerovetskiy district
Comment: it is remembered since 1402 [�����]. A priest is remembered in 1578, 1583 [���]

Church of St. Trinity (Triytsi)
A temple was founded in 1717
Comment: A priest in village was remembered in 1717. Church of St. Trinity (Triytsi) was built in 1731, stone walls had 9 elbows height (2.7 m ?),therewere three wooden tops. It existed till 1880th years, then it threatened to fall. In 1886 in it place new stone one-restored hreshata church was built, covered by iron, with a bell tower under the western entrance [���, �. 354 - 356]. A church is not present [���].



Translated by students of Kyiv avia institute

Village Kormilcha, which is situated on the riverside Zhvanchik, is one of the oldest populations of district. In history documents is remembered in 1402 year. Consequently, age of the village is almost 6 centuries. Near the village remainders of settlements of tripilska and chernyahivska cultures were found.

Possibly, not all know that earths of village Kormilcha, which lies on the distance 18 layers from Kamyants, belonged to the city. The peasants of this village differed with nothing from state, they paid similarly annually tax by money, but not state, city got 1500 karbovanetss by silver. At the same time rich peasants made swingeing majority from the common quantity of population.

Beginning of city landownership takes beginning still from Kiev Russia. According to legend of that time land spreaded on ten kilometres round cities with the small populations (farms) were considered own of city. It is not eliminated, that even the name remained from those old times, when this locality was original city land.

In that time there is the podilskiy historian and researcher of the past Juchim Setsinskiy considers that Kormilcha is given a present to the city by Polish kings in 1525.

In the middle of ղ� century 1107 desyatins of land belonged to settelment. A village at first was found under the authority of the Economic commission, in 1837 - city Duma. Therefore in Kormilchi there was always an attorney. A salesman was chosen by peasants, and city Duma asserted him. Since 1851 till 1852 year y a salesman was petty bourgeois of Kamyants-Podilskiy mukola Moriy. But he was taken off from post as a result of the requirement of peasants. In 1852 Anton Boyko became a salesman and attorney of cityDuma. The supervision of the settlement Kormilcha was incumbent to Komarnytskiy by city Duma. A salesman had obligation to report in city Duma annually. In 1865 tsar's government bought out village Kormilcha and it cost in 20 thousand karbovanetses.

Yuriy Sorochan,
researcher of the region
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