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Translated by students of Kyiv avia institute

Somebody things that villages Kochubeiv has such name from the last name of tatar khan Kachoubeya (Hachibeya), which owned Podillyam in XVI century. Still at the end of ղ� century a village was named Kotsyobiiv. The name of domestic instrument lies in the basis of the name - poker, it is remembered in historical documents in XVI century.

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Kochubeiv village

After an admin.division 16 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 16 cent.
After an admin.division 19 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 19 cent.
After an admin.division 20 cent. The Chemerovetskiy district

Church of Zdvizhennya
A temple was founded in 1719
Comment: A church of Zdvizhennya was built after 1719 and was wooden tree-storeyed building. A new stone church was built after 1779. In 1869 it was decrepit, threatened to fall. A new stone five-storeyed churchwas built in 1869. Bell tower was built separately from a church in 1869; on there was ringing with a date 1766. In 1894 stone bell tower was built near the church. [��, �. 464; ���, �. 356 - 358]. A church is now [���].