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Translated by students of Kyiv avia institute

Krasnostavtsi village was known in XVI century. After translation the name of it has origins from a large pond in place of which a village is found now. In that time it was named "Krasniy Stav" ("Beautiful Pond").

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Krasnostavtsi village

After an admin. division 16 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 16 cent.
After an admin.division 19 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 19cent.
After an admin.division 20 cent. The Chemerovetsciy district

Church of Stt. Kosmy and Damiana
Temple was founded in 1710th
Comment: Church of Stt. Kosmy and Damiana was at the beginning of a 18 century. A new church was built in 1731, it was wooden tree-storyed building, covered by gonta. There was fraternity. It burned in 1792. In 1793, it was puttied up by clay, covered by a straw, without a floor and ceiling. It burned somewhere in1841. New stone one-storeyed church was built in 1846, together with a bell tower. Spasa is a dear icon. [��, �. 464; ���, �. 358 - 360]. A church is now [���].