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Expedition "Dnister-2003"
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Expedition "Dnister-2005"
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Bakota Bay view
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About Nature Protecting Fund of Ukraine

With changes and additions, incerted by the Law of Ukraine of the 5 of may 1993, #180-XII, of the 14 of december1999, #287-XIV, by the Decree of Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine of the 26 of december1992, #2-92

Article 22. Recreational activity on the territory of National Natural parks is organized by special subdivisions of administration of parks, and also by other enterprises, institutions and organizations according to agreement with the park's administration.

Kyiv, the 16 of june 1992, #2456-XII

Rules of conduction in recreation areas

Price for payment services by "Podilski Tovtry" NNP (ukrainian)

Tourism in Kamjanets-Podil's'kiy


Recreation resources of the region and perspective of their development

On the territory of National Natural Rark "PODIL'S'KI Tovtry" the presence both unique handmade objects, and unique natural complexes, rich in the events history, interesting flora and fauna produced the unique conditions for the development of tourism not only sanitary, but also cognitive (on the territory of park there are 130 objects of natural reserved fund under the protection, among them there are parks and manors of different degree of preservation and cultural - historical level, there are 2977 species, forms and kinds of plants from different climatic zones, including trees and bushes 521 species, from the tree-bushes and herbaceous flora - 395 species of foetus plants, 620 species of tropical, 111 species of useful herbaceous plants of local and wild flora;
19 archeological sights
, more than 302 historical-architectural sights (in Kamyanets-PODIL'S'KIy there are more than 200 objects, in Kamyanets-PODIL'S'KIy region - more than 63 objects, in Chemerovetskiy region- more than 27 objects, in Sataniv region - more than 12 objects).

On the territory of National Natural Park can be singled out such functional zones:

On the territory of zone of the regulated recreation, stationary recreation and economic zone any activity, which causes or might cause changing for the worse the state of the environment and understatement of the recreational value of the territory of the National Natural Park is prohibited.
In these zones thre are 21 stationary recreational establishments (sanatoriumsї, tourist centres, rest homes etc), and also about 160 industrial enterprises, collective and individual agricultural enterprises, which damage the nature. That is why the main task of the NNP is the protection of natural diversity, making the organized zones of relaxation and making healthy of the population.
On the territory of NNP the production of ecologycaly clean products of nourishment and acordingly raw materials is carried out.
Nowadays the spade-work on the organizarion on the territory of THE PODIL'S'KI TOVTRY NNP of free economic zone is carried out, that wiil make favourable conditions for the further development of National park.
Wealth and diversity of natural resources and recreational possibilities of our Park may be the basis for the creation of the developed net of the international tourism, hunting and fishing.